Black & Decker BLC12600B Cyclone 12-Speed Blender with 48-Ounce Glass Jar
From Black & Decker

Ice, fruit, coffee beans, beware! There's a cyclone on the way, and it's going to pulverize, chop, blend and mix anything that gets in its path. With the Cyclone™ blender, all the conditions are right. Its 600-watts of standard power work in conjunction with a unique contoured jar design and 4-plane blades to create a cyclone you can see, and results that will impress!
Amazon Sales Rank: #42052 in Kitchen & Housewares Color: Black Brand: Black & Decker Model: BLC12600B Dimensions: 13.07" h x 7.72" w x 10.71" l,
Equipped with a powerful 600-watt motor and multi-level stainless-steel blades, this countertop blender works great for everything from whipping up creamy smoothies or pureeing lentil soup to mixing salsa and frozen margaritas. Soft-touch controls offer 12 speed settings, plus pulse for an extra burst of power when needed. In addition, the included 48-ounce glass blending jar provides a contoured shape that keeps ingredients flowing cyclone-style into the mixing blades. The jar also features a generous easy-grip handle, measuring marks up the side, a tight-fitting lid with a removable measuring-cup insert, and a non-drip perfect-pour spout. For safety, the jar must be securely locked into place for the appliance to operate. When finished, dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a snap and the cord stores conveniently underneath. Great for parties or everyday use, the blender measures approximately 11-1/5 by 7-8/9 by 13 inches.
Unequivocal piece of sh**. On first use I put a glass and a half of water, a packet of protein powder, four pieces of ice, and three strawberries into the blender and hit the "blend" button. It ran for all of FIVE SECONDS before quitting...never to run again. All that happens now is the red "On" light blinks repeatedly. The phone support line was no help. Looking at the time duration of use, it actually took longer to unpack it from the box than what I actually got out of it in usage. Black and Decker should be ashamed to put out a product this bad. It's a shame I can't give zero stars. Utter crap. According to the manual, it is not to be used to chop chunks of frozen food, although the picture even here on Amazon shows it full of ice. The manual also states that it is not to be used for "juicing vegetables" - so you can't put plant matter in it. The manual also states, unbelievably, that it's not to be run for more than a minute and a half. So, evidently, per the manufacturer, you are not to use this with anything much harder than a banana, and whatever you intend to do, you'd better finish within 90 seconds. Upon FIRST USE, the device shut itself down after something eerily close to 90 seconds. It refused to do anything but blink its "on" light for several minutes, whereafter it deemed me worthy to blend again. I wasn't interested in playing its little game, however. Into the box, and straight back to hell it went. In case I haven't been clear, this product is an utterly and completely worthless piece of junk. Run away screaming. Nice design poor function. Blender has a solid heavy glass pitcher that could be designed to pour thicker liquids better. Good blades, not cheap junky ones like you see in Oaster blenders. Chews through ice quickly and thoroughly. After about the fifth use it just won't turn on. All I get is a click when I try to power it up. Will exchange for a replacement and hope it was a fluke and not a design flaw since when it works it works great.

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